Young Boy and His Younger Sibling Were Abandoned By Their Parents in the Streets—Heartbreaking!

With nothing to buy milk with, he uses he offers his thumb to the starving baby.

In every part of the world, we see children wandering the streets, with no food or money—or parents to take care of them. Some of these children either ran away from an abusive home, or were deliberately abandoned by their own families.

In the streets of Tawau, Sabah (Malaysia), a netizen named Hamiatie Abd Hamid noticed a young boy with tattered clothes and dirtied feet, showing how he must have been wandering the streets for too long. What made him more noticeable was that he was carrying a baby, who was crying non-stop. The baby was visibly hungry.

Since the young boy had nothing to feed the baby, he simply offered his thumb for the baby to suck on and calm down. Hamiatie was touched, seeing how the boy tried hard to calm the baby down. He didn’t ask passersby for money as well.

“Usually, these street kids would run round asking people for money, but this boy did not bother anyone at all,” she wrote on Facebook.

Hamiatie decided to approach the boy and ask him about his story. According to the boy, their mother abandoned them after his father was jailed for some crime. Today, the siblings wander the streets of Tawau as they had nowhere else to go. They do not have a temporary shelter, or a home to keep them safe and warm.

As their story went viral on Facebook, Hamiatie is hoping that many people will help the two children soon.