You must Read This – Common Relationship Mistakes


Common Relationship Mistakes

 It’s normal to make mistakes in life, but we often fall into the trap of repeating the same mistakes. We carry certain behaviors with us into our relationships that may ruin the partnership if we continue to repeat them. It’s easy to point out the mistakes that others make, but we usually don’t recognize our own destructive patterns. If you become aware of those patterns from the start, you can avoid making those mistakes in your relationship.

One of the biggest relationship mistakes is getting involved too soon. Some people move in together after a few dates and they barely even know each other. This scenario often results in a relationship that doesn’t last very long. People that jump into relationships quickly appear desperate. They may have low self-esteem and their urgency to settle into a relationship only shows how little they value themselves. Remind yourself that you deserve a loving relationship, so don’t settle for less. Take the time to get to know each other, then move in together when the time is right.

Little irritations don’t have to become big problems. Everyone has traits and characteristics that may irritate others, and that includes your partner. A common relationship mistake is that people let little irritations escalate into major arguments. If you really love your partner, you will learn to accept and deal with his irritating habits. Keep in mind that you probably have habits and behaviors that annoy him as well. Don’t let your relationship suffer over minor irritations such as snoring or a messy closet.

Nagging your partner is one of the quickest ways to put a dent in your relationship. Don’t nag your partner about taking out the garbage or other household chores. Don’t try to tell him how to do things. Constantly nitpicking and nagging will make him less eager to do things. Nagging defeats the whole purpose of trying to get things done, because it will just push your partner further away. Ask him to do household chores or give him gentle reminders, but don’t nag. Show appreciation when he does things around the house and he will be more likely to help out more often.

Lack of communication is a common problem in relationships. If the extent of your talks is a few words over coffee and breakfast, then a mumble of “I love you,” at night, you need to work on communication. So many relationship problems could be solved if couples would simply communicate openly and honestly on a regular basis.

A little jealousy shows your partner that you care but if the green-eyed monster rears its head all the time, you’ve got a problem. Being jealous over everyone your partner talks to is only going to show your insecurity. Accept the fact that he is going to have contact with other people and keep jealousy at bay if he runs into an old friend from school.

Possessiveness is another common relationship problem. If you constantly question your partner about where he’s been, who he’s talked to and what he did, you just may push him away. Do you rummage through his wallet and check his cellphone numbers? Do you call him numerous times a day to check up on him? Acting more like your partner’s mother or a private detective can hurt your relationship. Trust yourself and your partner.

Lack of romance can dampen any relationship. Life can be hectic and romance may sometimes have to take a backseat to work, kids and other issues. But it’s important to try to make time for romance. Make couple time and be romantic, cozy and sexy. Have fun and just enjoy being together.

Infidelity is the major romantic deal breaker. If a partner cheats, it’s an act of betrayal. If your partner cheats, you may not be able to forgive his betrayal. Even if you do forgive an unfaithful partner, you may find it difficult to trust him fully again.

The best way to avoid common relationship mistakes is to be honest with your partner and communicate regularly. Express your concerns and needs. Let your partner know how you feel and treat him with respect. Listen to your partner and allow him to express himself openly without judgment. Be willing to compromise. Every couple has disagreements, but compromise is the key to solving them. Be romantic and spontaneous. Surprise your partner in romantic ways to keep the spice alive in your relationship.