This article is going to help you discover the person inside you

2You surely know yourself and you surely love yourself and you surely give the most importance to yourself only. But the question is how much do you know yourself? How much are you aware of what your mind says? How much do you know what your mind feels?

Today you are going to learn about some extremely personal feelings. Hope, you know yourself more than anyone else in this world. But are you creating a right picture of yourself. This article is going to help you discover the person inside you. Lets discover the unknown secrets of your mind.

1. You always listen to your heart. You always like to do what your mind says.

2. You always love yourself more than anyone else in this world.

3. Sometimes, you feel sad if someone close to you hurts you.

4. You love success. Although you don’t always work hard to become successful.

5. You love to have someone to love you unconditionally. Although you don’t show your feelings.

6. Everyday you create a lot of small expectations. Although you don’t understand it always.

7. You would like to have a nice relationship with someone you can truly love.

8. You don’t always give importance to what others are thinking about you.

9. You are so much careful about yourself all the time.

10. You always try to represent yourself in a better way in front of others.

11. You are always careful to have a better lifestyle.

12. You don’t love everyone. You choose whom to love depending on how they react to your feelings.

13. You love to be respected by others in your life.

14. You feel proud about yourself if someone appreciates you for what you have done.

15. You do not actually like people who don’t give any importance to your feelings.

16. Your feelings are very importance to you. You care about the people who care about your feelings.

17. You love to take decisions on your own. You don’t like people to give you a lot of advices.

18. You love to live your life in your own way.

19. You don’t share your feelings with just everyone. You choose the most suitable person to share your

feelings and if you don’t find one, you just hide it in yourself.

20. You understand the importance of being positive. But still you keep many negative feelings in your mind.

21. You would love to become confident on yourself. But still there are times you don’t feel confident.

22. You understand that negative feelings only hurt you. But you can not do anything.

23. You are always in search of a person with whom you can share your life.

24. You love some people in your life. You want to show your love. But it really seems difficult sometimes.

25. You would always like to have a better personality.

26. You always want to impress others by doing something unique.

27. You always want to prove yourself the best in front of others.

28. It is only after you loose everything, you are actually free to do anything in your life.

29. If you love someone, you always want to prove that your love is true.

30. If you hate someone, you always want to show how much you hate.

31. You always want to show your capabilities in front of others,

32. You don’t like people who hurts you always.

33. You don’t always try to satisfy everyone around you.

34. You want others to listen to you before they force you to listen to them.

35. You always want to earn more money than someone beside you is earning.

36. Lastly, you believe that nobody can ever love you more than yourself.

By  Faruk M Nasir