Single Life vs. Committed Relationship

Many people view being in a committed relationship as the ultimate sacrifice in personal freedom. After all, once you’re in a relationship, personal space is generally a thing of the past. But others view being in a committed relationship as a step towards adulthood and enjoy the joys, and the challenges, of being in a relationship.

Single Life vs. Committed Relationship


As with everything in life, being single or being in a relationship both have their own set of pros and cons. For example, being single might give a person the ability to make their decisions and have all sorts of different life experiences without having to answer to anyone else. But, being in a relationship can provide the same benefits and give a person someone special to share those experiences with.

What are the advantages of being single?

Being single allows an individual to have a significant amount of freedom and personal space. The single life might allow someone to focus on their education or career without having the distractions that might come from being in a relationship.

The single life allows for independence which can be a positive and low stress type of lifestyle. Another advantage of being single is that a person has the ability to be more responsible with their finances and have the option to spend less and save more. Because you’re only purchasing food, clothing, gas and other necessities of life for one person, you’d have the opportunity to create a decent sized savings.

One of the most significant advantages of being single is having the opportunity to meet many different people. Someone that is single has the opportunity to date others and explore their options, which can potentially lead to an eventual committed relationship.

What are the advantages of being in a relationship?

Having the guarantee of constant companionship is an appealing idea to many, and being in a committed relationship provides such an advantage. Always having someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with and someone to experience life with are all great advantages of being in a committed relationship.

Being in a relationship might not offer the freedom that single life does, but it does allow a person to have all of the same experiences with someone special by their side. Dating allows someone the opportunity to care for another person, to express many emotions and to experience love and compassion on a daily basis.

What are the disadvantages of being single vs. being in a committed relationship?

Every person is different and every person has a certain desire for their future in regards to relationships. Some people choose to remain single because they want to focus on their future, perhaps obtaining a degree and becoming a successful career oriented individual. That doesn’t mean that they’re selfish, only that they are committed in a different way, rather than committed to a relationship.

Individuals that are in a relationship likely have the desire to experience companionship and to have the safety and comfort of always knowing that there is someone that they can turn to for any reason and at any time.

Although being single might be great for some, there are others that would prefer a relationship. Single life can be lonely at times, or a person might have family members constantly questioning why you’re not seeing anyone or trying to set you up on blind dates that you may not want to go on. There isn’t the security and comfort of having a companion by your side as there is in a relationship.

Those that are in committed relationships might experience issues with feeling inadequate. Perhaps they wanted to finish school or work at a better job, but feel too tied down with their partner to try and achieve such goals. They may lose their focus and get frustrated at the lack of personal time that they have.

Both being single and being in a relationship can have their disadvantages, but they both have certain advantages as well.

Should I date my friend?

There is a golden rule that you should never date a co-worker, and the same can be said for dating a friend. You may have known your friend for years or even a few short months when suddenly you each start feeling a strong connection towards one another. As the bond grows stronger, you may have the desire to date. But before jumping into such a big decision, you should certainly think things through.

In most cases, a person dating their friend doesn’t always end well and the result is generally a loss of friendship. Other times, a beautiful relationship can result from the experience. But ask yourself one simple question: Is dating my friend worth sacrificing our friendship for good?

Dating a friend might seem like a good option, especially because you’re more comfortable around them, know what their personality is like and likely have a lot in common. But just because something is familiar to you doesn’t make it the right decision.

Dating a friend can go well in some cases, but it typically does not. You must weigh the consequences and determine whether or not you would feel comfortable sacrificing your friendship in order to date, or to maintain your friendship and set clear ground rules that you will not date, nor are you interested in, dating your friend.

Single life offers freedom and the ability to focus on only yourself, while being in a relationship allows you to experience life with a special person by your side. For those that are highly independent, a relationship can sometimes pose a struggle. But for those that seek companionship and have the desire to build a life as a couple, being in a relationship offers the perfect setting. Both lifestyles have their need for sacrifice and can present unique challenges, but both can be rewarding in different ways.

Giving up the single life to enter into a relationship isn’t always easy. Both lifestyles have their own set of pros and cons. What works for one person might not be right for another and is ultimately up to you to decide what will work best for you and your life.