Is It Time to Get Out of Your Relationship? 5 Signs It Probably Is

There are some warning signs that every woman should keep her eyes open for when in a relationship. Some of them are serious enough to leave the relationship over. This article outlines 5 of those warning signs.

1. He gets mad when he doesnt get his way

Sometimes this can make you feel like you re dating a three-year-old. Your boyfriend will attempt to manipulate you into letting him have his way by getting mad at you. He might even throw the adult version of a temper tantrum. Just like when you re dealing with a toddler, it s important that you don t give in. If you do give in, the behaviour will never change. If your attempts at not giving in don t seem to be working, it could be time to get out of the relationship.

2. It s been six years and you re no closer to marriage than day one

This is a big deal if you are interested in getting married. If you re not even engaged or your boyfriend won t talk about marriage, he s probably not interested. He might give you false hope to keep you quiet about the subject for a while, but in the end he never brings up the topic again unless forced. If you want to be married, this might not be the relationship for you.

3. He expects you to work double duty

You and your boyfriend live together, but you seem to be shouldering more of the work around the house. If you both have jobs, there is no reason that you should be the only one taking part in the household chores. Have a discussion with your boyfriend about him contributing more to the household. If his view doesnt change and he still expects you to do everything at home, it might be time to move on.

4. He is abusive

Any kind of abuse is unacceptable and should not be tolerated by anyone. Physical abuse is bad, but its not the only kind of abuse one might be exposed to. Emotional and verbal abuse are just as bad. If you are hit, called names or made to feel bad in any way, you are being abused and should get out of the relationship. Love is not abuse.

5. You cant do anything without him

Co-dependent relationships are not healthy. Whether it s you who thinks you always need to be together or your boyfriend, this is not a healthy situation. It s important that couples be able to do things on their own or with friends without their spouse always being there. Some people do think it s flattering that their partner always wants to be with them, but it s really not. If you find that you cannot do anything without your boyfriend, you may be in a controlling relationship, which is not healthy.

Remember that you don t need to put up with anything you re not happy with in a relationship. No matter how much you love someone, their behaviour just might not be worth it in the end.