How to Improve a Long-Distance Relationship

A Period of Long-Distance can Enhance Your Relationship

Whether it is due to a temporary relocation, new job offer or study exchange, conducting a romantic relationship is not without its challenges. The added distance does not however mean that you and your loved one have to be strangers. Instead, the experience can actually bring you closer. This article aims to assist the reader in understanding how to use the period to cement ties for the future.

Focus on Your Relationship, Not on Technology

The biggest potential distraction to a Skype caller is their desktop. Simply having the other person at the other end of the line does not equate to quality conversation time. Every relationship needs both parties to appreciate each other. Consider therefore spending ten minutes before the appointed conversation time to get your fill of the daily news and celebrity gossip so that you won’t be tempted to sneak a peek during your conversation time. Ensure that tasks for work are out of sight and out of mind so that they won’t weigh on your mind. In addition, you should ensure that technical problems don’t sabotage your conversation time. Be sure to close unneeded applications on your computer and check that your internet connection is stable before making the call. Take these actions to enrich your time together – your partner deserves your undivided attention.

Appreciate Verbal Communication

When couples are together they pick up on physical, non-verbal clues and indicators. Most of these cues are lost when we’re using Skype or the telephone. The period where a couple is temporarily apart can therefore be enormously beneficial for verbal communication. Time apart forces them to realize anew the role that plays in their interactions. It can also remove some of the emotion from tricky topics and enable a level-headed approach. Therefore, you should try to use the long-distance phase to discuss important issues which you might otherwise be tempted to overlook. Issues like finances, marital commitment or extended family can be addressed during a period of long-distance and this is often an opportune time to grapple with these major topics. Consider therefore setting aside a specific time (for instance, an hour one evening) and discuss each specific item in turn.

Arrange a Sensible Schedule

Given the hectic schedules that many people keep, it can be difficult for couples to settle into a regular schedule for communication. If you find it difficult to get in touch with each other then try to schedule discussions and schedule a ‘Skype date’. Weekend evenings and early mornings can be ideal times when you can be free of distraction. You should also look for short periods of res during the day, such as lunch time. Arrange and agree in advance each time so that you don’t become tempted to postpone or forget the appointment. You can also form a weekly routine to help you get into the habit of meeting up online.

Invest in Common Ground

It is also important to ensure that your relationship has enough shared experiences. A good way to create this in your long-distance relationship is to agree to read a book or watch a movie. After you have finished enjoying it you can discuss if and share your opinions. Of course, you should be creative and look for diverse experiences, but the most important thing to remember is to make sure that you communicate these experiences to each other. After all, the most important thing in a relationship isn’t face time but how much time you spend in meaningful discussion and sharing life together.

Long-Distance Can Strengthen Communication and Commitment

Although it hopefully won’t last for long, a period of long-distance can nevertheless be a time of greater intimacy between you and your partner. Not only can you use it to develop communication skills but you can also proactively invest in building commitment, an essential ingredient for any long-term relationship. By following the steps outlined above you can firm up the foundation you have already built and draw ever closer to your loved one.