How to Hide Your Feelings from a Girl You Like? – This article is just about making it possible

How to Hide Your Feelings from a Girl You Like?


There are times in your life, you may need to hide your feelings from a girl you like. This article is just about making it possible. Hiding your feelings from someone you love may be difficult sometimes. But if you are extremely interested to hide what you feel for a girl, you just need to be serious about your feelings. Remember, liking someone and loving someone are different. If you want to hide your feelings from someone you like, It may be possible. But if you want to hide your feelings from someone you really love, it would be very difficult for you to hide your feelings from that girl. However, there are things you can do to hide your feelings for her. Read this article carefully to learn how you can hide what you feel about a girl when she is around.

Do Not Make any Eye Contact.

It may be difficult sometimes depending on the situation. But whenever possible, do not make any eye contact with the girl. Eye contact is the first thing that helps to create a connection with an unknown person. If you don’t even look at the girl, hardly she will come to talk to you without a significant reason. While talking to the girl, it is quite difficult not to make any eye contact. So in such a situation you should talk to her normally. Just be yourself. Do not try to be someone you are not.

Do Not Unnecessarily Look at Her.

Do not unnecessarily look at her. If she finds that you are frequently looking at her, she would most probably understand that you are attracted to her. Unnecessarily looking at someone creates a feelings of attraction and if someone finds that it would most probably express your feelings. If you frequently look at a girl, there is surely something you feel about the girl. Do not think that girls don’t understand it.Read 75 Timeless Relationship Truths.

Do Not Talk to Her without Reason.

If you try to talk to someone unknown without a valid reason, it doesn’t make any sense. If someone wants to talk to an unknown person without any subject matter, it is most likely that the person trying to create a connection with the unknown one. If you start talking to a girl without a valid reason, you are actually trying to be familiar with the girl. However, most of the time it is normal. But if this is happening frequently, there is definitely something to think about.

Be Yourself.

Just be yourself. Do not try to be someone you are not. People around you will understand it. If a girl wants to be familiar with you, she would love you for who you actually are. She wouldn’t like who you are not. If you are always acting like someone you are not, you are actually hiding your own identity. Is there any value if someone loves you for what you are not. Read How to Trust and Accept Yourself?

Be Completely Normal.

The best way to make a girl understand that you have no feelings for her is by simply acting completely normal around her. If you present yourself differently when she is around, other people will understand it. They might convey the message to her. Being completely normal with the girl is best way to hide your feelings.

Use Your Words Carefully While Talking.

If you have to talk to her, while talking to her alone, use your words carefully. Do not use any unnecessary words or make any comments which is unnatural. Proactively say what you have in your mind and of course, do not blush while talking to her. Because she will catch it. Speak in a steady voice and don’t use unclear words. Use your words carefully and say only what is required and leave the place immediately.

These are some ways that you can apply while trying to hide your feelings from a girl. If you follow all the above points correctly, it is impossible for a girl to understand what you feel for her. But always remember that there may sometimes be the same kind of feelings. The girl may be also like you as you do. So she may try to attract your attention. So while pretending that you don’t have any feelings for the girl, be careful and look for any indications that the girl is giving you. If she also likes you, she will attempt to make you understand her feelings. So be careful while hiding your feelings from the girl. Because you might loose a nice friend or may be, a true life partner.

However, if you are a girl and want to hide your feelings from a boy, you can use the same ways. There’s nothing different. Correctly speaking, this article is not actually about hiding your feelings from a girl you like, but about hiding your feelings from someone you don’t want to express your feelings to.