How an Age Gap Can Cause Problems in a Relationship


Not all relationships are between partners of a similar age. Some couples have many years between them, but do not feel this affects them adversely. However, sometimes a big age gap can create problems in a relationship. It may be that couples have different expectations, or that they do not share as many similarities as those of a similar age.


With each generation comes a different idea about what constitutes a relationship. People who have matured in years are more likely than younger generations to expect a relationship to be conventional and conservative in nature. They may favor traditional values, and expect their partner to feel the same way they do about their role in a relationship.

 If a mature individual partners with someone far younger than them, it can come as a shock when they realize they do not share similar values and ideals. If the younger partner does not take a traditional approach when it comes to how they behave its likely that disagreements will ensue. Problems can arise too when the younger partner begins to feel hemmed in by a restrictive role they are uncomfortable with.


Studies show that couples who have a lot in common are more likely to have a successful relationship than those who do not. Sadly, a large age gap can result in differing likes and dislikes that stem from generational taste and background as well as physical maturity.

 When couples differ in their taste for music, food, travel, and a variety of other factors they may not want to spend much time together, and their bond can become weak as a result.

 While some age gap relationships are successful, more fail due to unmet expectations and differences in personal preference for everyday activities.