He Cheated on You: Should You Forgive Him?

He Cheated On You: Should You Forgive Him?

He was unfaithful to you. Maybe it is the first time or maybe he has cheated on you more than once. You feel betrayed and helpless. You don’t know what to do and you can’t stop crying. There are some things that you must think about before you make any decision. You have to be absolutely sure about your reaction so as not to regret it later. These are the questions you should ask yourself before you decide on whether to forgive him or not:

  • Does he regret cheating on you? People make mistakes at some point in their lives and your husband or boyfriend is no exception. The way he feels about it shows a lot about your future together. A man who is crying and begging for your forgiveness is a man in pain. He is in pain because he loves you. Clearly, he didn’t mean to hurt you and he is sorry about it. He is definitely worth a second chance. However, if he shows no remorse at all and seems indifferent about your feelings, it is time to say goodbye.

  • How did you find out? Did he tell you himself because he felt unbearable guilt? Or did you find out yourself from another source? Obviously, if he couldn’t bear the thought that he betrayed your trust and love and he came clean about it, you should forgive him. He is not perfect and everybody deserves a second chance. However, if a friend told you or you saw a love text message on his mobile phone, you should definitely be more cautious. This man has no problem lying to your face, so think twice before you forgive him.

  • Was it the first time? It makes a big difference if someone slips for the first time or it is something he does repetitively. If it is the first and only time, you can make peace with it as long as he promises there isn’t going to be a second time. If you have caught him cheating in the past, maybe forgiving him is the wrong way to go. Especially, if he had promised to stay faithful to you, but he broke that promise, it’s better to break up with him and move on. You deserve somebody whose word counts. Don’t let this man fool you again. Chances are he will do it again, as he clearly doesn’t care about how you feel.

  • Can you forget? You want to give your relationship or marriage another chance, so you decide that you can forgive him. Forgetting is not so easy though. You may have forgiven him, but the memory of what he did to you is still vivid. You just can’t shake the thought that he will do it again, even though he reassures you that it was the last time. You start checking every move he makes and you feel that you can’t trust him anymore. However, if you keep doing this, you will end up ruining your relationship forever. Try to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones from when you were really happy and watch the atmosphere in your house become happier every day. If you find it too difficult to forget, it’s time to break up with him and find someone new.

 All in all, if your other half cheats on you, it is very difficult to decide what to do. You should take a lot of aspects into account before you make up your mind. The more time you take to think things over, the more possibilities you have to make the right decision.