Five Quick Tips for Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

It can be hard to be apart from the person you love. However, even if there are thousands of miles between you, you can still do things to communicate your desire and affection. Keep the following five tips in mind.


Image Courtesy of Shelby Cragg – Illustration

1) Make sure you set aside some time to enjoy the pleasure of discussion, rather than only talking to each other when you have something significant to talk about. This will help you to feel closer.

2) Investigate Skype or another video chat program that will allow you to look at each other while you are talking. In some cases, this can almost feel like a date, and it is always wonderful to see your partner smile and laugh.

3) Ensure that you are on the same page when it comes to monogamy. Some couples who live apart will accept that they will continue to see other people (even if only casually), while others vow to be as faithful as they would be in person. By discussing this, you will know what to expect, and this will help to create an appropriate level of trust.

4) Send a letter or a package every now and again instead of writing an email or making a call. It can be very intimate and exciting to read a handwritten letter, and surprising little gifts can make your partner’s day.

5) Try to do invent long-distance ways to do the things that you would normally do in person. For example, you can chat to each other using instant messaging while you watch episodes of your favorite show, or you can play online word games.

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