Fifteen Relationship Errors Women Make

Fifteen Relationship Errors Women Make

Have you ever asked yourself why your relationships with men never work out, or bemoaned the fact that you always seem to get dumped? If your romantic relationships with men always seem to end in disaster, then perhaps you are repeating certain off-putting behaviors. Read on to find out more about fifteen relationship mistakes that make most men want to run.

1. One of the most common mistakes women make in relationships is expecting their man to change. Nobody is perfect, and your man is going to have personality traits and habits that irk you. You either need to accept these flaws, or move on. The fundamentals of someone’s character generally remain constant. If someone decides to make a change, they generally do it for themselves rather than someone else. Never get involved with a man with the intention of turning him into the person you want him to be.

2. Many women make the mistake of blurting out their feelings too quickly. No man wants to hear a woman profess her love for him after the second date. The man you are with may make your heart beat madly, but that doesn’t mean you should tell him, at least not right away. Expressing feelings of ardor prematurely gives the impression that you are insecure and needy.

3. Resist the temptation to talk about your past relationships with other men. Talking about your exes will give your current partner the impression that you have emotional baggage. He may even think you aren’t yet over your ex. Your partner needs to feel that he is the only man who is romantically significant to you.

4. It may sound passé, but it is a mistake to make yourself too available to your man. Your man will find you more appealing if you have your own friends, interests and schedule. Give your man a chance to miss you and look forward to your next date. When you are with your man, try to avoid telling him everything about yourself at once. Instead leave a little mystery and disclose personal information gradually.

5. Avoid initiating conversations about the future of your relationship. Relationships can be bewildering, and knowing where you stand can make you feel more secure. However if you start talking about marriage and children, your man may feel pressured. This is especially true if the relationship is still relatively new.

6. Try not to be over-analytical. For instance, suppose your man texts you every night before he goes to sleep, but one night he forgets. Do not drive yourself crazy by thinking it means that he’s losing interest in you. It probably means he fell asleep in front of the television before he had a chance to send the text message.

7. Transferring anger is not good for romantic relationships. For example, imagine that you are angry because your man ate the pastry you were saving for breakfast, but you berate him for always being late. It is much better to talk about the issue that is really making you angry, even if bringing it up makes you feel petty and ridiculous.

8. Do not expect a magical fairy tale relationship, because they do not exist. You may have fantasized about having the perfect relationship with Prince Charming when you were younger, but real life relationships just aren’t like that. If you tell yourself stories about what your relationship should be like, you’ll only be disappointed by reality.

9. Do not expect your relationship to make you feel perfectly happy and content. Expecting your romantic relationship to provide you with all the joy you want in life is wrong because it puts undue pressure on your partner. Another person cannot provide you with happiness because contentment always comes from within.

10. Do not convince yourself that the perfect romantic relationship should be effortless. Romantic relationships are hard work because they require compromise and commitment. In a good romantic relationship, both partners work hard and make sacrifices in order to accommodate the other person’s needs and opinions.

11. Many women lead unfulfilling sex lives because they are too shy to articulate their needs in the bedroom. It is important to find a way of letting your partner know what turns you on. If you remain silent and simply tolerate sex that you aren’t really enjoying, your partner will know that something isn’t right. Good lovers enjoy the process of making love, and they aren’t frightened to ask for what they want.

12. Do not give your partner the silent treatment when you are angry about something. The silent treatment is something that really annoys most men. Furthermore if you remain silent, your partner will not know what he has done wrong. If your man is not aware of his mistake, he can do nothing to correct it. The silent treatment does not solve problems; it just leads to further animosity.

13. Do not expect your partner to take an interest in all of your actions, opinions and conversations. Your man is your romantic partner, not your girlfriend, sister or mother. If you have to resist the urge to yawn when he talks about fishing or baseball, it stands to reason that he is going to feel the same way when you discuss fashion or diets.

14. Try not to be too nosy or suspicious. For example, don’t look through his cell phone or wallet for evidence of infidelity. If your partner finds out you’ve been rummaging through his personal things, he will think you are sly and untrustworthy. Furthermore, you are likely to overreact and see signs of infidelity that are not really there.

15. Never try to emotionally blackmail your man into doing what you want by turning on the tears or delivering ultimatums. Your man is with you because he wants to be, and any attempt to influence his actions via emotional blackmail will only backfire. If you try to emotionally blackmail your man, he will think you are controlling, manipulative and insecure.