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8 Things That She Says…and What They Really Mean

Have you ever sat there with your head in your hands after going out with a girl, wondering, “What did she mean by that?” Perhaps it’s old-fashioned to buy into the stereotype and say that women don’t always say what’s on their minds, but it’s one with a pretty significant basis in truth. Once you

3 Tips for Dating a Gamer When You’re Not a Gamer

A gamer is someone who enjoys playing games, whether with a table-top game, cell phone, gaming console, arcade game, or a computer. This connotation is typically associated with gamers who enjoy video games, but people who play table-top games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, are also gamers. Nearly everyone is some kind of gamer; including

4 Huge Signs of a Relationship on the Rocks

The emotions behind intimate relationships can sweep you off your feet or wreak havoc on your soul. A woman can be swept away in love, or she can be broken by a lopsided relationship that tears her apart while she doesn’t even know the difference. If you are doing time in a match not made

A Good Apology Can Prevent Relationship Problems

Do you find it difficult to apologize sincerely after you have hurt or offended your partner in some way? You are not alone. Making a sincere apology to someone we have hurt is never easy. In fact, apologizing is so difficult for some people that they never make any apologies for their hurtful words or

The Health Benefits of Being in a Relationship

The benefits of a good relationship can’t be denied. It’s easy to trudge through a long day at work when you know that you’ll be able to spend time with your partner that coming evening. That sense of comfort and familiarity is the hallmark of every strong relationship. Having an intimate partner doesn’t just have

Seven Things That Will Help Single People Survive Valentine’s Day

Seven Things That Will Help Single People Survive Valentine’s Day If you’re like most single people, you probably find yourself dreading the arrival of Valentine’s Day. You will be surrounded by bright red displays that proclaim the merits of hyperbolic sentimentality for weeks, and you’ll be bombarded by adverts for romantic dinners at wonderful restaurants.

Why Your Girlfriend Hates Your Girl Friends

When you have a girlfriend, you must be prepared for your life to change. Sure, there are lots of good changes, but you may also see a side to your girlfriend that was hidden before — the jealous side. The thing she is most likely to have real trouble tolerating is you hanging out with

5 Signs (From His Cell Phone) That Your Man is Cheating on You

For whatever the reason, you suspect your man is cheating on you, or perhaps you don’t. But now that you think about it, some things have been happening that seem…odd. Don’t freak out just yet, but don’t ignore that gut feeling, either. It doesn’t really matter how or why. You’re here now and this article

5 Great Things That Can Come from Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships are terrifying. There’s a lot of doubt involved, a lot of uncertainty, and a lot of fear. Most relationships won’t survive distance and it can be hard to think that anything good can come from it. The truth is that you can not only survive long-distance relationships, but even come out for the