Breaking a relationship is not always something to give us pain

How to Avoid Bad Relationships?

TesBreaking a relationship is not always something to give us pain. Sometimes we need to break a relationship because of many different reasons. Understanding those reasons will make us understand why we should keep good relationship and we should go away from stale relationships of our life. Relationships are important for us and our life. I have already created a post previously on the importance of having healthy relationships in our life. You may read that to have a better conception about why it is important for our life. Still when i am talking about breaking relation, it might raise some questions in your mind. When i am saying that having relationship is important in our life, it having healthy relations, not those kind of relationships that are not important for us. But we keep them in our life because we find them important.

In our life, many times we see that there are people who love us, who care for us, who want us to be successful in or life. If you really want to become successful, you need to understand the importance of these relationships for your life. By the way, there are lots of other reasons that work together to make us successful in our life. To have an understanding on how to become successful in your life, you can read my article.

However, lets talk about what i was actually discussing.When we do anything bad, these people give us advice on what we should do and what we should not do. In these way, those people create a good feeling in our mind that they have a strong connection with us. So when we are sad, they also tend to become sad. It is not always needed that they will be our beloved. This love is different from that and gives us the feeling of confidence to walk in our life with a strong heart. Automatically a great relationship gets created with them. These people are so important for our life. The reason is that they have definitely much more knowledge and experience about life than us. So in the journey of our life, if we face any problem, we can always take suggestions from them. And surely that will help us. I am talking about the importance of having this type of relationship always active. Because it is important and not only important, but so much important.

Now it is time to talk about some bad relationships that we keep in our life. But they are not so important for us. Here relationship means any kind of connection that you have with anyone around you. Most of the time, it happens within friend circle and the people we meet everyday. Remember enmity comes only when someone around you feels a problem for you. This problem can be anything. Most of the time we don’t even understand who are feeling bad for us because we never even think about it. We take it so lightly.

The purpose of saying this is not to make you feel that everyone around you feels wrongly about you. But it is to give you the understanding of being alert all the time. It will help yourself a lot. Don,t become doubtful about everyone. But using your mind and your intelligence, always try to understand who are the people feeling good for you. Most of the time we become lazy about even thinking of this. If you start feeling in this way all the time, you may face many people who are not good for your life. Don,t have relations with them for your own need. But never make them your enemy. Just identify them. The purpose of this article is not to find enemies around you and make good people your enemy.

The purpose is to make you understand the importance of being alert all the time. Because everyday we meet new people. Almost everyday we create new connection with others, new relationship with others. But we don’t try to understand how many are actually genuine and good for our life. So become alert from today about the people surrounding you. It might sometimes find you a great friend for all your life. Remember everything depends on how you take it. How you feel its importance. How much importance you give to it. It’s all your own decision. After all it is your life. But sometimes we fail to think in the right way. If we make a practice of doing this from today, surely your future will be secured. Now take your decision carefully about what relationships you should have and what relationships you should not have in your life.