A sad story about a Father and Daughter


Dad : hey wanna go to the mall ?

Daughter : why would I go to the mall with my dad ?

Dad : well, because we haven‘t had a
daddy and daughter day in forever

Daughter : yeah, I know dad, I‘m a
teenager now. I have friends to hang out with

Dad : oh,okay, honey

*The daughter goes to the mall with her friends*

(Her phone rings)

Daughter : hello ?

Person on phone : ma’am, I’m sorry to
inform you that your dad has been
involved in a car accident

Daughter : OMG ! is he ok ?

Person : im sorry for your loss.

*The girl cries and her friends comfort

(The girl rush to the hospital to see her
dad‘s body)

*She slowly walks to him*

Daughter : Im sorry daddy for everything.

*The girl takes her phone out. There was a voicemail. She open it and it was from her dad*
Voicemail : hey baby girl, you left your
wallet at home and im on my way to the mall to give it to you, im sorry about this morning, I Love You baby girl, you will always be my little girl

Author: Unknown