5 Traits of a Man You Shouldn’t Marry

Deciding to marry someone is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. You want to marry the right person instead of settling for just any man. Here are five traits that you should watch for before deciding to marrying a man.


1. He has anger issues

A man with anger issues is one you want to avoid marrying. Even if he has never taken out his anger on you, you have seen what his anger looks like and how it affects others. Don’t fool yourself into believing that he will always remain calm with you, because the chances of that are slim.

2. He is bad with his money

Some people are savers and some are spenders. Spenders aren’t always in debt, but if the man you’re dating has a problem with debt or gambling, you should think twice about marrying him. You have to be careful combining your money with that of someone who has financial trouble. He may begin to use your money to support his bad habits.

3. He acts like a teenager

Being young at heart is a good thing, but acting like a teenager who sleeps in until noon, plays video games all day and eats nothing but junk food is not the kind of man you want to marry. You want someone who is responsible with his time and his health. A man who lacks ambition might not be at the top of your list of marry-able traits.

4. He is a slob

Marrying a slob is not the best idea unless you are ready and willing pick up after him and be the one responsible for all of the house cleaning. It’s a bad idea to assume he will suddenly become less of a slob once you’re married and sharing a home. If you can’t handle that he’s messy and won’t be of much help, marrying him probably isn’t something you want to do.

5. He is self-centered

A self-centered man can love you, but will love himself more. Much of your relationship will be about what he wants and keeping him happy. A self-centered person thinks the world revolves around them and aims to keep them happy. When he isn’t given his own way, a self-centered person can throw a temper tantrum and even become mean.

Marrying a man who has any of the above traits can spell trouble for your relationship. It’s important to choose someone who doesn’t exhibit negative traits that can impact your life in a bad way.