5 Reasons You’re Still Single

Dating can be an exhausting and frustrating process. If you have been dating a while and still haven’t found the right partner, there is most likely a good reason why. These five reasons may explain where you are going wrong in your search for a meaningful, romantic relationship.

5 Reasons You’re Still Single

By Alice Ladkin

  1. You’re Not Trying Hard Enough

Don’t expect to find your ideal partner as soon as you start dating. You will not find your Mr. Right straight away without making an effort. If you always go to similar places to search for a partner, try visiting different places and trying new things. Find the time to go to new places to meet potential partners every week. Don’t think that your perfect romance will just randomly happen because your life is not romantic movie.

  1. You Won’t Give Men a Chance

Do you think that all men are lazy, arrogant and selfish? Are you losing hope of ever finding a friendly, funny and gorgeous partner? Have you been hurt by a romantic relationship in the past and now you find it difficult to trust a man? If you have a negative view of men in general, you will increase your chances of remaining a single woman. Just because you have had some bad dating experiences with men it does not mean that all men are the same. You need to stop being fussy about what you want in a partner and give men a chance. Dating is about new beginnings and being open minded.

  1. You Have Low Self-Esteem

Do you love and appreciate yourself? Do you consider yourself to be an unlovable person? If you don’t feel good about yourself, you will find it more difficult to be yourself and have a lasting romantic relationship. Don’t moan about how you hate your body and your personality when dating because men do not find it attractive. You should be confident and realize that you deserve a special partner in your life.

  1. You Want to Be Single

It may be that, subconsciously, you desire to remain single. Romantic relationships are hard work to maintain and can be dull. Are you prepared to become vulnerable? Are you prepared to commit to a partner? Are you prepared to put effort in to make a relationship work? Why are you so desperate to be in a relationship? If you are ready to stop being single, you will find the right man.

  1. You Haven’t Found Mr. Right Yet

If you always make an effort and have no idea why you are still single, it may mean that you just haven’t found your perfect partner yet. Keep trying and the right man will materialize when you least expect it.

Figuring out why you are still single is the first step towards changing your approach to dating. If you open your options, keep trying and don’t give up, you will find the right partner.