5 Great Things That Can Come from Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships are terrifying. There’s a lot of doubt involved, a lot of uncertainty, and a lot of fear. Most relationships won’t survive distance and it can be hard to think that anything good can come from it. The truth is that you can not only survive long-distance relationships, but even come out for the better.


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1. Surviving It Strengthens Your Relationship

They say that “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” The same can be said of a relationship, in the case of one turning into a long-distance situation. Most people will tell you that these kinds of relationships often end in a break-up – and they’re probably right. Long-distance relationships have a host of problems associated with them, from the lack of physical intimacy and contact to the fear of infidelity.

The good part is that it tests your relationship. Your relationship is going to go under stress that it may not ever come under ever again. If it survives this ordeal, you will know that it can survive a lot of things.

2. It Will Help You Develop and Strengthen Your Communication Skills

The problem with a number of relationships is that people don’t really communicate. They talk about a lot of stuff, from what movies to watch to what concerts to attend, but they’re not really communicating. Couples who do this just hang out without really connecting, and that spells doom in the long run.

People in long-distance relationships tend to have longer and more meaningful conversations, often due to the distance itself. They want to maximize their time together, even if it is online, and that ends up helping them establish real communication, as opposed to small talk. In arguments, the silent treatment isn’t an option, and you both know that. If you both care about your relationship you’ll be forced to talk to each other instead of just being physically around each other.

3. It Guarantees That It’s Not About the Sex

Naturally, people who are in a long-distance relationship are only going to be able to make the beast with two backs when they’re together – which will be limited to visits, if there are any. This lack of physical contact will ensure that your relationship goes beyond the physical. When all you have are conversations, you’ll end up realizing whether or not you’ve got a real connection or if it’s just an itch in your pants.

4. Romance Gets a Chance to Shine

Romance is not dead, and a long-distance relationship can help prove it. A long-distance relationship requires more effort to keep going. With no physical contact, you’ll end up having to get clever when it comes to showing your affection. Flowers, care packages, gifts – all of these can be sent online.

5. You’ll Know That They Love You

A long-distance relationship is a lot of things, but it’s not easy. There are a lot of reasons for a couple to call it quits, but there’s one very important reason to keep going despite the distance – love. It may sound cheesy, but it can easily be the only thing that will keep a person dedicated and devoted to a person who’s halfway around the world.

And knowing that someone loves you enough to wait for you, to wait for those few moments you can spend together, can give you a strength and fortitude that you can’t find anywhere else.

A long-distance relationship is not for the faint of heart. Even strong relationships with people who have a lot of chemistry can end due to distance. But keep at it, and remember that good things can come from bad things all the time. These relationships are no exception.