4 Tips to Help You Stop Being Jealous of Your Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend

4 Tips to Help You Stop Being Jealous of Your Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend

By Kristie Lynn

The relationship you have with your boyfriend is special and unique, and it is nice to think that you are the only person he has ever shared these feelings with. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. It is likely that your boyfriend has at least one ex-girlfriend. Even though you know he is into you, it can still make you feel bad that he used to be so close to another person. It is not a comfortable feeling thinking about your man being happy with someone else. Sometimes thinking about your boyfriend’s past can cause extreme feelings of jealousy. If jealousy gets too severe in a relationship, it has the potential to damage or even end the relationship. The following four tips will help you stop being jealous of your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, so that you can be completely happy in your relationship.

1. Keep in mind that he is choosing to be with you

When you notice that you are feeling jealous of your boyfriend’s romantic past, it is helpful to remember that you are his girlfriend. He is choosing to be in a relationship with you. You do not need to worry about his ex-girlfriend because she is not a big part of his life anymore. Keep in mind that you are the main girl in his life, and he is happy with you. As long as your boyfriend is not giving you any reason to believe that he is being unfaithful, then you need to trust that he wants to be with you.

2. Try to remember that he had a life before you

Sometimes it can be difficult to acknowledge that your boyfriend dated other people before you. It is helpful to keep in mind that just like you had a life before you met him, he had one as well. If you notice that you are becoming very jealous of his ex-girlfriend, it may be better for you to ignore the past and try to focus more on your relationship. Keep in mind that all of his experiences have made him into the person he is now, and without his past, he may not be the lovable man that he is today.

3. Focus on your positive qualities

It is easy to start comparing yourself to your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, especially if you have seen pictures of her or have met her. However, keep in mind that you and his ex-girlfriend are completely different people, and this is not a competition between you and his ex-girlfriend. To avoid worrying about her, you should try to focus on yourself and think about all of your positive attributes. It may be helpful to make a list of your positive qualities and also a list of why you are a good match for your boyfriend.

4. Consider why you are feeling jealous

Jealousy is a normal feeling, and it is common to be jealous when you think about a romantic partner from your significant other’s past. However, if you notice that you are experiencing excessive feelings of jealousy, it is necessary to evaluate why you are feeling this way. You may find it helpful to ask yourself the following questions: Why am I so jealous of this particular ex-girlfriend? What purpose does it serve to be so jealous of her? What can I do to get over my jealousy? You should take time to think about the answers to these questions, so that you can figure out why you are feeling so jealous.

It is normal to feel a little jealous from time to time in any relationship, but it can hurt your relationship when you focus too much on your boyfriend’s romantic past. As long as your boyfriend is treating you right and not giving you reasons to be jealous, then there is no reason to damage your relationship with excessive jealousy. In order to steer clear of these unhealthy feelings, it is essential to learn how to overcome any jealousy that you have toward your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. These four tips will help you stop being jealous and allow you to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship.