4 Things You Shouldn’t Do if You’re in an on-Again, Off-Again Relationship

4 Things You Shouldn t Do If You re In An On-Again, Off-Again Relationship

It s hard to feel secure in a relationship where you are always breaking up and getting back together. Since you never know how long the relationship will last, it s best to avoid doing certain things that require more commitment. This article outlines 4 things that you shouldn t do if you are in an on-again, off-again relationship.

1. Buy a house, car or big screen TV together

You re only asking for trouble if you make a big purchase with someone you break up with every two months. Even though you might think you have a good plan set in place, during a bad break up, it s unlikely both parties will be willing to co-operate. Neither of you will be willing to give up the purchase in question so that the other can have it. If you can t afford the item on your own, it s best to wait.

2. Move in together

When you break up with someone often, it s a bad idea to decide to move in together. You might think this will bring you closer together, but living together is very stressful, especially in the beginning. You learn so much more about a person when you first move in together and most of it isn t pretty! If your relationship is already struggling, moving in together is bad idea.

3. Get pregnant

Whether you get pregnant on purpose or by accident, it s not the smartest idea. Of course, accidents happen, but if you re in a rocky relationship with someone, take every precaution possible to prevent a pregnancy. If you decide to get pregnant on purpose, with or without your boyfriend s knowledge, you are setting your child up for a lot of hurt. Having a baby will not save your relationship. After the baby arrives, so will a lot more stress.

4. Get a joint bank account

Pooling all of your money is a bad idea for a couple who breaks up often. You or your boyfriend could simply empty all of the contents without permission from the other. You dont want to risk your finances. Keep your bank accounts separate until the time is right. Until then, if you do live together and need to pay bills from one account, set up a separate account where you can both add money. Keep records of all your deposits.

There are some risks that no one should take when your relationship is unstable. Its important to protect yourself first and foremost.