4 Signs You’re Insecure in Relationships

4 Signs Youre Insecure In Relationships

Insecurity is not uncommon in relationships, but allowing yourself to act on those insecurities could spell disaster for your relationship. This article outlines 4 signs that you are insecure in relationships.

1. You try to rush him into commitment

Insecure people try to rush the relationship forward in an attempt to prove that they re loved. Dating doesn t seem to be enough so you try to pressure him to move in with you or propose to you. When done too quickly, this is a sign of insecurity and it s a huge turn-off for most men. Men don t want to be pressured into moving ahead before they are ready. Back off and let things move at a natural pace.

2. You bring up past relationships often

If you ve been hurt in past relationships, you re probably very nervous about being hurt again. You don t want to complain and whine about all of the ways you ve been hurt before to your new boyfriend. You don t want to make him promise to never cheat on you or move out in the middle of the night like your exes did. Don t make your new boyfriend feel like he has to make up for what other men have done to you.

3. You become intimate too soon

Many women think that in order to keep a man interested and willing to date her, she has to become intimate right away. While a man might certainly find it fun and exciting, it doesn t guarantee he ll stick around. Men can sense a woman s insecurity. Your date will definitely know that you re doing something you feel like you have to rather than want to.

4. Youre too jealous

A little bit of jealousy can be flattering, but it can easily spiral out of control. If you re insecure, your jealousy will be suffocating. You will not want your boyfriend to see anyone else or do anything without you. You become jealous when your boyfriend is around other women, whether he knows them or not. Extreme jealousy can also turn into suspicion. Even if your boyfriend isn t hiding anything, you will always assume that he s talking to other girls or cheating on you.

Everyone is a little insecure, but there comes a point when insecurity can start to interfere with and ruin your relationships. If you notice that you are guilty of the above habits, its time to take a step back and deal with your relationship insecurities.