3 Signs Your Relationship Is a Dictatorship

3 Signs Your Relationship Is A Dictatorship

Dictators arent just for countries. You can find them in relationships as well. A dictator is someone who decides how everything will be done and fully expects others in his world to abide by his laws. This article outlines 3 signs that you are probably in a dictatorial relationship.

1. He makes the rules

This is the most obvious sign, but a dictator makes the rules. No one else is allowed to contribute to the rule-making. If your boyfriend decides all of the rules and expects you to live by them, you are probably dating a dictator. One person in a relationship cannot make all of the rules. That is not the way that a healthy relationship functions. When one person makes all of the rules that the other must live by, that is controlling.

2. You feel punished if you go against him

If you don t do what your boyfriend tells to you may feel punished. He might ignore you or leave the house altogether and do something enjoyable without you. That is a form of punishing you. He will make sure that you realize you ve done something wrong. When someone is as passionate about his rules as he is, you will begin to believe that he s right. It s important that you don t slip into his way of thinking. If he wants to pout and ignore you when you don t do what he wants, let him. Do not let him punish you. Just go about your day as if he s not upset. Another adult who makes you feel bad and tries to punish you in some way is manipulating you.

3. His rules dont apply to him

A dictator makes rules for other people, not for himself. He can do as he pleases because it makes him happy. He expects those around him to make him happy as well. Thats why he creates rules that benefit only him. If your boyfriend creates a rule that every time you fix something to eat you must, without question, offer him something as well, then he is acting like a dictator. This same man will not expect the same from himself. He will fix himself something to eat without thinking of others. That is how a dictator works.

A relationship of this kind is not fun to be in. You will begin to feel controlled and more like a child than a girlfriend.