3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Entering Into a Relationship

So you’ve been dating someone for a while and you feel things are going great. You want to make things official with this person, but aren’t sure if you should just yet. Maybe you recall past relationships going wrong and don’t want to deal with that again. Maybe you’re not sure if this person is truly right for you. Whatever the reason, this article should help you to make a decision. It discusses 3 questions you should ask yourself before entering into any relationship.

1) Am I ready to be in a relationship right now?

Many people jump into relationships without considering whether they are truly ready to be in one. They get caught up in the excitement and giddiness of dating, and fail to consider whether being in a relationship is right for them at that point in time. This can be a recipe for disaster. Some people have unresolved issues they need to work on, or exes that they have yet to get over. For this reason, not everyone is ready to start a relationship. So you need to look inside yourself and decide whether you’re emotionally ready for a relationship right now. Be honest with yourself. You may not want to be single right now, but sometimes it is for the best.

2) Do I like the person I want to date? Do we have fun together?

These may sound like silly questions. You may be wondering why someone would date someone who they don’t like or don’t have good times with. But believe or not, it happens all the time. People enter into relationships for all kinds of reasons, and the reasons are not always good. A person may enter into a relationship simply because they want to be in a relationship, no matter who it is with. A person may also date someone simply because they find them physically attractive. So be honest with yourself about your reasons for wanting a relationship with this person. If you are unsure you like the person you wish to date, you probably shouldn’t enter into a relationship with them.

3) Does the person treat me well? Do they respect me?

In any relationship, it is very important that both people have a mutual respect for each other. They should try to make the other person happy, and they should definitely not use them. In the early stages of dating, it is difficult to tell how the person will treat you in later stages of the relationship. People are generally on their best behavior in the early stages, only later revealing darker sides of themselves. So if you see any signs that your dating partner will not treat you well, it is best to walk out now rather than later. Early signs may include belittling you, pressuring you for sex, or not taking your needs into consideration.

Relationships can be wonderful things, but only if you’re ready to be in one and are dating someone good for you. If these conditions aren’t met, you are better off being single until they can be met. Doing so should save you a lot of heartbreak and enable you to meet someone truly special down the road.