10 Signs to tell if your partner is cheating on you ( You must Read This )

We hear about it on the radios and see it on TV talk shows. We just hope it will never happen to us. Cheating is awful in a relationship. It is devastating and usually leaves permanent emotional scars if it doesn’t end the relationship. Unfortunately most partners don’t know about the cheating until they are told about it by a caring friend or relative. Here are some definite signs that by themselves may not be indicative of cheating, but together should send off a big warning signal that something is going on. Recognizing this cheating early on can save oneself from much heartache and trouble that will grow the longer it persists.

10 Signs to tell if your partner is cheating on you  by  Dr. Gero Albs


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1. A sudden increase in late night work outside the home and travel could indicate your partner is cheating on u. It may just be innocent and maybe they have a new boss making her stay behind for women n for men there must be a sexy new secretary that they are suddenly paying a lot of attention to. So the best things to do call him or her at that time you expect such dirty to be happening.

2. A sudden decrease in sex drive could mean they are getting it elsewhere. A temporary reduction in sex drive could just be related to increased stress or job duties. It could also indicate medical problems that should be referred to a doctor. Like prostate or urinary trouble. But, a sudden decrease in sex drive equipped with sudden late night work at the office or work definitely means your lover might be cheating on u

3. Gets defensive if you ask questions; Beware if he/she acts guilty if you ask questions or try to probe. Life should be an open book for two individuals in love and if you’re sharing his/her life and /or bed you have a right to certain answers. If he/she starts acting defensive or gets irritable and wants to avoid answering you’d better watch out!

4. Wants to go out with his friends exclusively; If he/she keeps making excuses to go out on dates with you only or be alone with you, your antenna should be up. Also, if your man keeps wanting to meet with his pals and tell you things like “You wouldn’t be comfortable, it’s guys only”, you’d do well after a while, to do a background check with some of those guys he’s claiming to go out with. It’s best to appear casual in your questioning though because, in case he’s telling the truth you wouldn’t want him to accuse you of snooping around.

5. Unexplained expenditures; If his credit card bill can be fixed at a certain average amount and it suddenly keeps escalating, he could be buying some lavish gifts and if you’re not on the receiving end, you might like to find out who is.

6. He reeks of perfume that’s not yours; If you’ve got the nose of a bloodhound and you smell a flowery fragrance on him or if she doesn’t smoke yet you keep finding her reeking of tobacco because she has been with a guy puffing cigar, be on your guard.

7. If he/she starts paying extra care to his appearance; after being in a relationship for a while, most people get complacent and start neglecting their appearance. If he/she is one of those, and suddenly starts taking extra care to be impeccably groomed, they could be trying to impress someone else.

8. Indifference; If you find your partner indifferent, unresponsive or uncaring you have a problem on your hands. If he/she is not cheating, you need to anyway tackle the problem and figure out what it is.

9. Secretive; If your previously open and communicative partner suddenly goes into a shell and clams up or starts concealing things from you, be warned.

10. Wants privacy; If he/she wants to be left alone when on the telephone or stops in the middle of a phone conversation when you enter the room and tells the caller he/she will call back, ask yourself why?

There many more endless ways to tell a cheating partner but those are the major ones.

If a relationship has to be successful, both partners must trust implicitly. It is not healthy to be wary in a relationship or on your guard all the time. Also, your partner should exhibit not just one or two but most of the above signs before you begin to suspect them. You should know your partner well enough to figure out when you should be suspicious. But then, you also thought you knew them well enough to think they would never cheat on you.

But be warned, sometimes, despite thinking we know it all we are dead wrong. Probe beneath the surface before you assume the worst. Warren, a career-obsessed advertising executive was exhibiting all the classic signs – coming home late, being secretive, making calls privately, and running up a huge credit card bill. Stephanie, married to him for 20 years, began spending sleepless nights until she discovered that apart from genuinely being held up at work, he was making arrangements for her surprise 40th birthday party! Hope u have ever read about that book guys.